Maintaining a good site

The maintenance of quarry sites and associated equipment is not only essential for health and safety but productivity as well.

Such maintenance includes regular inspection and, where necessary, the repair of fixtures such as haul roads, embankments and vehicles on site where tasks, including wheel washing, are a daily occurrence.

Ensuring plant operators and site engineers receive regular and adequate training is also essential says Ryan Barker, global service manager for CDE Global.

To most quarry operators such procedures are part of regular preventive maintenance, an activity that is usually planned and scheduled.

Indeed, haul road maintenance must be addressed continually as part of the operational cycle. Good roads improve production and extend tyre life and reduce overall operating costs.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work says that, where possible, long-term haul roads should have asphalt or concrete paving and in any event all road surfaces should be regularly maintained to ensure vehicles can be used safely.


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